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Music Videos

Randi Boulton - "Karma"

Do you believe in Karma?


In this fun & upbeat music video, Randi voices that "what goes around, comes around"; for good and for bad... Filmed right in the heart of Downtown Red Deer, and surrounding area, Boulton wanted to showcase Central Alberta. If you're a car enthusiast, keep your eyes peeled for the candy apple red Dodge Viper! Unfortunately, some scenes were cut but landed in a "Bonus-Outakes" video. Check it out on her youtube channel. This song is in rotation on several radio stations and is frequently requested at live performances. Filmed & directed by Randy Rabena. Special thanks to Stantec & Devan.

Randi Boulton - "Angel"

In 2007, Randi's younger brother William Boulton was hospitalized and diagnosed with a sudden onset of Multiple Sclerosis. His condition rapidly deteriorated and at one point the doctors were uncertain that he would survive. During this time, Dave Boulton (their dad) wrote a poem and asked Randi to turn it into a song. She did so within a few hours, saying that "it just came through me". Coming from a father's perspecitve, this powerful ballad will leave you teary-eyed and feeling the strength of family. 


With the moving video performances by Barbara Adams, Paul Howard & Brent Forster, you will experience exaclty what it was like. Filmed and directed by Ronnie Rabena (Hyperignition Studios).

Randi Boulton - "Walk Away"

Sometimes you have to make hard decisions in a relationship, especially when you've invested so much of yourself into it. Randi wrote this song during her own experience, which in turn, helped her to come to terms with it. Walk Away is one of those songs that you hear and can relate to, whether you're dealing with your own relationship, or just getting out of one.


Filmed and directed by Ronnie Rabena (Stormshock Productions).

Tom Cochrane & Randi Boulton - "Life Is A Highway" 

Alberta Flood Aid Benefit Concert:

Randi Boulton singing back up for Tom Cochrane at the McMahon Stadium to a sold out crowd of 35,000 people. Some of Canada's best musicians came together to raise money for High River flood victims of 2013. House band includes: Russell Broom, Pat Stewart, Mike Lent, Mike Little & Randi Boulton.


Line up of entertainment: (no particular order)
Tom Cochrane
Jann Arden 
Randy Bachman
Johnny Reid
Matthew Good
Colin James
Corb Lund
Ian Tyson
The Sadies
The Sheepdogs

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