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Sometimes Life

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Randi With An "I"

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Karma - Single

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This Christmas - Single

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It's Randi with an "I"...


It isn't a common name, but after being called Brandy, Sandy or Mandy (etc.) for most of her life, having her name spelled with a "Y", and constantly being mistaken for a guy; Randi wanted to make a statement with the title of her second full length album. Produced by Russell Broom (who is highly regarded for his work with Jann Arden), this is their second collaboration together. Boulton released these songs in June, 2014, with great reviews. Mixed with a little more soul and blues than Sometimes Life, these songs are sure to move you!


* To purchase "Randi With An I" and "Sometimes Life"  on iTunes, click the photos above. 

Sometimes Life will make you think about all the things that we can lose sight of. Based on the title track, and with lyrics like "we forget how to laugh, we forget how to play", Boulton wanted her listeners to reflect on how we tend to get caught up with everyday life, and not take time for the things we like to do. 


This collection of songs was just waiting for the right moment and producer to record them. Russell Broom is that producer. He saw her vision, and together they created a beautiful album that they can both be proud of. 


"Coffee song" finished top 16 in CBC's Searchlight Contest for Canada's Best New Artist, and also won provincials. It's a fan favourite!


Because Randi writes with such passion, all of the songs will resonate with you in some way. They are surely worth a listen!


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